About Us

Fowl Stuff™ was started in 2010 by John & Kathy Blehm in Saginaw County, Michigan. John came up with the original and very unique Fowl Stuff™ nest box design after many decades of experience raising, breeding & exhibiting chickens. The Fowl Stuff™ Nest Box design is based on the use of a 5 gallon plastic pail/bucket for the nest box with a cover & perch. Designed with biosecurity in mind and boasting the intimate, comfy and cozy environment hens prefer.


They also owned and operated Chick Hatchery™ for over 10 years before incorporating the hatchery into Fowl Stuff™. John’s name may be familiar to you as he created several varieties of Ameraucana chickens, including large fowl black, buff, lavender, silver, white, & blue. John has made improvements to every recognized Ameraucana variety.


They had since sold the Fowl Stuff™ plastic injection mold and patent rights for the nesting box cover. In 2021, Valley Hatchery acquired the Fowl Stuff™ name with the intention to not only to continue to offer live day-old poultry but also to add additional premium poultry supplies to the Fowl Stuff™ product line. Valley Hatchery’s Black Ameraucana and Blue Ameraucana stock originated from John’s line.


There are many additions planned to the Fowl Stuff™ product line over the next year, currently the line features:

- Original Nest Box Cover by Fowl Stuff™
- Nest Box Eggs by Fowl Stuff™
- Hatching Egg Cleaner by Fowl Stuff™
- Hen Saddles by Fowl Stuff™
- Poultry Diapers by Fowl Stuff™
- No Crow Collar by Fowl Stuff™
- Chicken Helmets by Fowl Stuff™
- Poultry Waterer Cups by Fowl Stuff™
- Poultry Waterer Nipples by Fowl Stuff™
- Chick Feeders & Waterers by Fowl Stuff™
- Poultry Leg Bands by Fowl Stuff™
- Hanging Fruit & Veggie Feeder by Fowl Stuff™
- Egg Collecting Aprons by Fowl Stuff™


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