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The original, enclosed and complete

plastic injection molded poultry nesting box Made in U.S.A. 


Farmer designed, Hen tested & Patent Pending;

Based on the use of a 5 gallon plastic pail/bucket for the nest box with a cover & Perch;

Fowl Stuff nest boxes are easy to assemble & install; They mount securely to wooden walls;

Just install the box and snap the cover and perch on…details are in the instructions.

Made of 100% recyclable plastic; High-density, Impact resistant; Won’t rot, rust, dent or corrode.



Promotes biosecurity for poultry; Moisture & stain resistant;

Won’t absorb feces or broken egg matter; Easy to clean & sanitize;

Collect eggs from outside with the modified Chicken Tractor Nest Box;

Lightweight, non-porous & durable; Resistant to lice, mites & other bad dudes;

Rounded design deters roosting on top – keeping the boxes cleaner than flat top boxes;

Fowl Stuff nest boxes are individual units & can be mounted in any configuration to fit your coop.



Hens prefer the intimate, comfy and cozy environment of Fowl Stuff nest boxes to lay their eggs.

The size, shape and overall design work together to offer hens a place to lay in an atmosphere of ultimate seclusion and security.  

The shape and size of the entry hole, in the cover, helps prevent wood shavings from being

scratched out by the chickens...resulting in cleaner eggs and fewer broken eggs. 

Wow, these are super cool & have so many benefits, besides being economical!

It truly is a “nifty” nest!



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