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Ameraucana Forum

The discussion forum for the Ameraucana Alliance


Ameraucana Alliance

An alliance of folks focused on the promotion of standard bred Ameraucana


Chanteler Fanciers International

CFI promotes standard bred bantam and large fowl Chantecler chickens


The Classroom @ The Coop

Forum dedicated to avian genetics & their application in breeding programs


Poultry Show Central

Info on all the poultry shows & poultry swap meets across North America


Standard Breed Poultry

Promoting Standard Bred Poultry. "It's For The Birds"


Youth Exhibition Poultry Association (Y.E.P.A.)

A program to further the education of youth in poultry


The Poultry Press

A monthly publication for anyone who raises, shows or has an interest in poultry.



An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry, etc.


Bird Shippers of America

Organized to protect the right to ship live birds through the US Postal Service


Fowl Fest

Michigan Poultry Fanciers


Michigan Bird and Game Breeders Association

To preserve & propagate all varieties of Ornamental/Game/Cage Birds & Animals


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