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(formerly Chick Hatchery, Birch Run Hatchery and Blehm Hatchery)

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Offering Quality day-old Chicks since 1990

Home of several of the original varieties of Ameraucana chickens!

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Check out the article about Ameraucana chickens, by John W Blehm, originally written for Backyard Poultry magazine.


BEWARE - Many well-known commercial hatcheries around the country pawn off their

mongrel day-old chicks calling them Araucana, Ameraucana, Americauna, Americana, etc.

Please read the Ameraucanas article before placing an order for Ameraucana chicks with any hatchery.


Fowl Stuff specializes in offering both bantam and large fowl day-old Ameraucana chicks.


Ameraucana bantam and large fowl chickens are cold-hardy breeds and Fowl Stuff has some of the very best!

Please, go to the “Chicks” page to place your order for limited hatches of day-old chicks. 

The truth about the Ameraucana Breeders Club Statement by Paul Smith, Jean Ribbeck, Susan Mouw & Clif Redden.

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