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John W Blehm and his wife, Kathy (nee Libbey), live in Saginaw County, Michigan.  They married in 1973, a year after graduating from high school.  They have three children, plus five really GREAT grandchildren.

John is a lifetime member of the Ameraucana Alliance.  He joined in 1982, when it was the Ameraucana Bantam Club, and received its Ameraucana Breeders Award (Lifetime Achievement Award) in 2001.  John has held club offices, including President, Secretary/Treasurer and Director.  


John’s main hobby with poultry is as a breeder of chickens, with continuous improvement in mind.  He also enjoys operating Fowl Stuff’s hatchery and Description: Description: C:\Users\John\Documents\Web Fowl Stuff\FAbout_files\image001.jpgattending a couple poultry shows each year.  John created several varieties of Ameraucana chickens, including large fowl black, buff, lavender, silver, white, & blue.  He also co-created bantam buff and Ameraucanas and made improvements to every recognized variety.

John and Kathy currently operate a couple home based businesses.  J&K Media deals with print advertising and Fowl Stuff incorporates the hatchery with marketing chicken egg nest boxes.

John is a Patternmaker by trade and some of their past business ventures included Reliable Pattern & Design, WKNX radio, and A Touch of Lace.

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