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   Click on the “Order Form”, below, for available breeds and varieties.

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Order Form for Day-Old Chicks in 2018

Customer Comments

  • There is no catalog, just this website.  To place an order print the Order Form and fill-in the information requested.  Send the Order Form, with your payment to the address printed near the bottom of it.  The “Price” per chick is listed on the Order Form and shipping is included.  Money Orders and personal checks are accepted – no PayPal or credit/debit cards. 
  • Order early for a limited number of hatches each year.  Chicks are hatched and shipped in March, April & May.  Many customers place their orders several months in advance to avoid disappointment. 
  • Chicks are sold as Straight Run (not sexed) only.  The quantity should add up to either 25 or 50 chicks on the Order Form.  A minimum of 25 chicks per box is required to have enough chicks together to provide the warmth needed to keep them safe in the mail.  The single compartment (25 count) shipping boxes are designed for 25 large fowl chicks.  If you order 50 chicks a 50 count box with two compartments will be used.
  • A 25% fee will be charged to all cancelled orders, so please don’t place an order for chicks unless you are sure you want them.  If you can’t accept your order the year it was sent in for, you may move it to the following year.  If your order can’t be filled by the end of our hatching season you will have the option of having your order placed on the next year’s list or given a full refund.   
  • I do NOT vaccinate chicks for Marek’s Disease.  FYI…vaccinated chicks are NOT “carriers”, so yes you can safely mix vaccinated and unvaccinated birds.
  • The total number of chicks per order may be a combination of any of the breeds/varieties offered.  There are only limits on the maximum number of chicks of a variety available per order, so if the limit is 10 of a variety you may order any number of them between 1 and 10.
  • Orders are filled on a first come basis…but seldom are two orders identical, so some are filled before others depending on what breeds/varieties are ordered, the region in the country they are being shipped to and other factors.
  • Once your order is received an email will be sent to acknowledge receipt, so please include your email address on the Order Form.  Incubation is not an exact science and customers should be ready to receive their chicks when enough hatch to fill their order sometime between our first and last hatch of the season.  Please have your brooder ready to plug in.  An email will be sent letting you know your chicks are in the mail once they are on the way. 
  • Your chicks will be shipped to the post office you want to pick them up at – not your home.  This does not have to be your local post office and driving a little further, to a larger post office, may get your chicks home sooner and healthier.  Chicks are usually shipped on Tuesday afternoons and the post office will call you to pick up your chicks as soon as they arrive.  Please provide two phone numbers on the Order Form, so the post office will have a backup number to contact you.
  • Most chicks arrive in good condition, but early chick mortality is always a possibility. 
  • Shipping is by Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express thru the US Postal Service.  Claims for refunds with the USPS will be filed by Fowl Stuff.   
  • By law chicks can be sent to most Zip codes in the US only.  No orders will be accepted for Hawaii due to that state’s requirement of a special permit.  Likewise, I no longer accept orders from Canada due to the extra time needed to deal with required import papers. 
  • If enough chicks don’t hatch of a breed and variety that you order, chicks of other varieties of equal or greater value will be substituted (up to 20%) to fill your order.  Please feel free to indicate some of your other choices under the “Comments” section of the Order Form.  Refunds will be made or replacement chicks sent for any chicks substituted (over 20%) at the price per chick. Refunds will be sent after the hatching season is over.
  • Assortment” means you will receive a fairly equal number of each of the varieties listed for the assortment.  If you desire some varieties more than others, please note it and if possible I’ll include more of them.
  • Hatchery Choice” means you choose the breed, but I choose the variety.  This is not the same as an assortment.  One or more varieties may be included of the varieties I breed whether they are listed as available on the Order Form or not.  Hatchery choice orders are generally much easier to fill than orders for specific varieties and may get filled sooner than many other orders.
  • Surplus” chicks could be any chicks that I hatch.  This is a great option to round out an order for 10 or 15 of a specific variety to get to the minimum of 25 chicks per order.
  • Besides the breeds of chicks offered I also offer a bantam blue-egger hybrid.  These are mainly buff colored pullets with some black feathering bred especially for higher egg production laying hens.  Since they are not a breed of chicken they won’t be included in Assortment or Hatchery Choice orders, but may be included in Surplus orders.
  • “Don’t count your chicks before they hatch” literally means guarantees cannot be made.  Decades of selective breeding are behind most of the breeds and varieties offered, but unwanted characteristics may show up.
  • Fowl Stuff reserves the discretionary right to refuse any order.
  • Shipment is based on the ability and willingness of the US post office to accept day-old chicks.
  • Prices, conditions & varieties offered are subject to change without notice. 
  • Please read the FAQ page for more information, before placing an order.
  • Please post your general questions about poultry on one of the many poultry forums.  Some are listed on the Links page.

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