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Update…We’ve sold our Fowl Stuff plastic injection mold and patent rights, but we still have inventory to sell at sale prices until it is all gone.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Kathy & John BlehmJohn & Kathy Blehm, live near Birch Run, Michigan.  They married in 1973, a year after graduating from high school.  They have three children and five grandchildren.


Over the years they’ve had several small business ventures.  Kathy had A Touch of Lace making and selling battenburg lace apparel.  John is a Patternmaker by trade and owned and operated Reliable Pattern & Design.  Together they owned and operated WKNX radio for over 10 years, featuring a family friendly talk/oldies format in the Saginaw Valley.  John also owned and operated Chick Hatchery™ for over 10 years before selling the domain name and incorporating the hatchery into Fowl Stuff.  J&K Media is the home based advertising business they operate.  Kathy takes care of sales while John takes care of graphic design, printing and bookkeeping.


Fowl Stuff™ is their latest venture.   John came up with the original and very unique Fowl Stuff nest box design after many decades of experience raising, breeding & exhibiting chickens. 

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